Subscribing to magazine links has saved me a lot of money over the years.  At first I felt it was too good to be true but for a person who gave it a try I could honestly say it is very true.  For years now we have received many magazines for free, which is crazy knowing that I used to pay for it yearly.

Sharing 2 of the last issues I received including one from last week.


Here is how you can also start getting your own free magazine.

  • Go to this site Here.
  • Select Martha Stewart Living
  • On the right hand side fill out information
  • Disregard password section (leave blank)

If this specific magazine is no longer available continue the steps above and select another magazine you wish to get for free.

Once you start getting magazines for free you will be able to see that in the future it can be another way for you to save money by not renewing any of the magazines you currently was paying for.