Would you ever consider downsizing ? Are you planning to visit a few states (travel) but dont know where to start or what other options are there? Are you looking for an easier way to retire and cutting some expenses in the process? Are you wondering how you can cut your mortgage expenses?

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As for many people in the past few years they have drastically changed there lifestyles and expenses by planning ahead and cutting mortgage and other bills that come with it. This can be a dramatic change for anyone especially for any family, at first it sounds like such a good idea but how can anyone transition from being very comfortable to limited space.  Could your family adjust to smaller, tiny spaces in order to gain mortgage freedom? On paper 1 does certainly outweighs the other, which you can honestly wonder what are we waiting for? but in reality this is something that must be discussed, analyzed, evaluated and researched before making any drastic changes.

New Development Projects
Today, you can see more new houses being built and they are a lot bigger than the sizes you saw 7 – 10 years ago.  Is crazy how with that it comes a much higher mortgage, utilities and taxes expenses. For that reason more families are searching to work over time or simply find a second job, now we can understand why some people are taking measures to change there current living spaces for the cost of mortgage freedom.

You can easily be sucked up to the idea of getting a bigger place, to be honest I love going to see new model homes, I love how creative and decorated each house is.  You can come out thinking and planning this could be a house we can move in to on a few years.  Now builders are more creative, they offer more completed rooms that on your own you wouldnt think of making for example a small library or a built in desk for an office room.  Most builders now include what you see in the model home at no extra cost but a few years ago most things you saw in a model home as soon as you would ask the rep they would let you know that item was an upgrade (which meant what you see is not included in the house price).  In addition most builders also include top quality kitchen cabinets, granite in kitchen and bathrooms, some appliances, and tile or wood floors your choice.  This can easily help you avoid remodeling your kitchen and bathrooms since you get to pick the color and style from the selection they offer once you buy your new home.

Why go from Comfortable Living to a Tiny House

Most family have a unique and special reason why they would go from Comfortable Living to a Tiny House, it has been very inspiring to hear the reasons each family has why they chose this drastic change. Such as, a fresh new start for a newlywed couple, from a family who lost one income and want to cut back on expenses, a couple who wants to travel, a way to have your kids more outdoor, mortgage freedom for future travel, a traveling job brings family/house along, a couple ready to retire, we can all find a reason why this can also be something to look for in the future.

This can be a project you can tackle on, there are Tiny House companies that offers workshop such as Tumbleweed Tiny House Company which some provides ways to build your own Tiny House, which materials are recommended, how to build on a trailer or with a foundation and much more.

Some have saved even more when creating there own Tiny House by looking for materials that were donated or thrown away.  But if building is not your thing or simply afraid to tackle this huge task you can buy your own Tiny House.

Our thoughts
As a family that looks for ways to save, which we are very proud to see the changes we have made in a few years, through couponing, creating a yearly budget, using apps that pays us, going to see free movies and other ways, now we are looking for ways to cut back and pay off our debt.

This looks like a good idea but for our family it can be very challenging, then again it has been challenging to most families (I believe).  Sleeping on a loft and having no privacy can be something to consider but the idea of mortgage freedom has made us begin to do some research to see what can we do if we start now to plan a different lifestyle from a few years from now.

Now we will start to do our research, analyzed this task, and discuss if this is something we will go ahead with, it is a big commitment because we will have to change our 2300 sq. ft. lifestyle to almost less than half of what we are used to, it also means selling or renting our house and looking for ways to live in a tiny community.  This is a lot of info and the search begins so in the future we never know if this new can become our new tiny/small house journey… 

Tiny House Design is a good site to start looking if you might consider going tiny, they have tiny house floor plans which the picture above (Westport 8×28) is from there page.

Tiny House Talk is another good site which provides so much information and resources, very inspiring to see other people new Tiny Homes.