I am so excited about the Raise App since I installed this app we have been able to save when shopping.  At while in JcPenney this wasnt the exception.  While we were in the store my husband use his phone to buy a gift card from JcPenney luckily there was some available and it was a wallet option not a mail gift card which was perfect.

jcp shopping trip

Got 1 Man Dress Shirts = Regular Price $50
Got 3 Man Dress Shirts = Regular Price $40 = $120

Before Discounts Total = $170.00

(received 1) Clearance Disc = $42.51
(received 2) Clearance Disc $34.01 = 68.02
(received 1) Clearance Disc = $32.01
(use 1) coupon $10 off $25 or more = $10.00

Discounts & Coupons Total = $152.54

Paid Out of Pocket: $18.68 (tax included) 


But I receive additional savings getting a Gift Card from Raise app, we normally shop at JcPenney so why not look for a gift card were we can save as much as we can and this was the case so it worked out perfect for us.

I searched for JcPenney Gift Cards and there was a 11% off available, here is the detail of how I saved.

  • Got 1 $40 JcPenney Gift Card
  • Deducted 11% off ($4.40)
  • One Time Reward ($5.00)
  • Paid Out of Pocket $30.60 for a $40 Gift Card (win win deal) 

raise jcp


Here is how this app works…
This app lets you get a Gift Card in most cases for a percentage off which right there is a win win way to get a gift card, in some cases the gift card is mailed to you in around 3 days or it can be added to your wallet meaning you can use it since is added to your app.

In addition if you use my code BFELICIAN1 You will get $5 towards your first order and I will earn $5 when you buy.  This is such a great incentive and wonderful to take advantage of this app.

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