I have been reading about microdermabrasion, and for a person who has such a sensitive acne prone skin it seems it would be a good buy for me.  Decided to pay a quick visit to CVS just to find out the price for the Neutrogena Microdermabrasion and compare any offer/price and see if is worth buying it here.  Since this item was available, I scanned my CVS card (which it was conveniently right next to this item) and received many coupons luckily one coupon offer was for $10 off any $40 facial care.

The price for the Neutrogena Microdermabrasion at this store is for $25.99 (but at our local Walmart the same item goes for $17.98) So doing some calculations I realized it was a great deal to make the purchase at CVS, will share what I got and which coupons I used, here is how.



Neutrogena grapefruit Cleanser, $8.99

Neutrogena microdermabrasion system, $25.99

Biore charcoal Cleanser, $8.29

Total Before Coupons & Tax $43.27 (with tax $45.67)

(Deductions) $10 off any $40 facial care (10.00)

(Deductions) $5 ECB received on beauty purchase of $50 (5.00)

Paid out of Pocket: $30.67




(Neutrogena ECB spend $30 get $10) $10.00

a few days later received another ECB

(Beauty ECB spend $50 get $5) $5.00

Total Amount for this Trip $15.67