OMG.. there are no words on how we made this possible in just less than a year.. Why shared this with you? simply because you can do it too.. We started a year and a half ago by opening 2 credit cards…. ( I think I lost you on this all ready, but I promise you it gets better and I dont use that term lightly)… Well, we had a pretty low credit score as it was, had student loans, mortgage and a few other store credit cards so how did we get approved dont know but it didnt hurt that we tried.

Our view early in the morning, with the time change we were up earlier then normal, so we got ready and out we went to enjoy our time in Hawaii.


It was amazing just being here, being able to walk around lava rocks and find lava tubes..


We applied for Chase Sapphire Reserve (meaning just one credit card under my husband name) This credit card offered 50K points if make purchases of $4000 in 3 months, we did just that in less time and saw our 50K and 3K extra points for the charges made.   As time passed by we paid all of our expenses using this credit card and another one since we applied for 2 at that same time.  We build credit and paid our balances before the credit card statements were sent out.


As you can see the same deal I saw last year is still available as of today.. Always read the fine print (something you learn to do when couponing) The first year there is no annual fee but the following year is $95. Adding the benefits you get from this card the fee is so well worth it.

Well back to how we made our trip possible.  I will share briefly but will go into details on a future post of how our trip went..

We transfer 50K points to Korean Air but since they dont travel to Hawaii instead our airplane company was Delta.

We flew from Tampa Florida to the Big Island of Hawaii all for $44.80 and 50k points.

We were able to reach one of our travel goals simply by making some changes in less than 2 years.

img_3115Here was our 2nd plane from Delta (from LA to Kona airport) the flight was about 5 hrs 30 min and by the time we got there it was around 7pm.  While we waited for our connecting flight we spent time on 2 private lounge which we had access to (from credit cards as well)

We had snacks, drinks, starbucks coffee, sandwiches, salads and more all included by being member to Priority Pass all provided by 2 credit cards we have.. (another bonus for applying to the right credit cards)