Sharing breakdown for each item I purchased, the breakdown does include the tax charged but it doesnt show the ECBs I used from previous trips (which I used so my out of pocket amount is a lot less)

Here is a summary sharing each item I purchased on this Sunday trip, This trip total would have been $62.67 but using coupons, taking advantage of deal and applying ECBs this trip ended up being ALL FREE & in addition got paid $1.23


Transaction by item purchased,
I have a few CVS member card because of it the personalized CVS coupons vary by card, but even checking all of my card I still didnt get a few coupons that would have helped some transactions to be a lot less or money makers, that being said it was a great trip overall.



I did 4 Transaction

(card number I used are shown on my totals below)

For this item Garnier Fructis,

I got 8 FREE and

3.04 money maker with tax included..






For the Colgate deal I only received 2 coupons from CVS deducting $2 off any toothpaste, matching this deal with a coupon I was able to get both items free and a money maker of $1.10 (with tax included).

For the Cereal deal, I received a CVS coupon $1 off 1, they are also on special for $2.49 and I used a manufacturer coupon which made this item go from $5.79 to $0.74.


For the soft soap deal couldve been a lot sweeter if I received a CVS coupon, so pairing the deal, coupon and ECB this item came out to $2.17 for both (tax included)