This movie we were able to see a few days ago, it was a nice day to go watch an animated movie last weekend.  The movie we were able to see for FREE was The Boss Baby, to be honest I didnt even watched the trailer, but that is not strange for me.  Since we get to see so many movies before they are released.  There are many cases we get to watch movies we never heard of.  If you are interested on how you can see movies for FREE click here to do so..

Well, I would like to share my observation and thoughts as I watched this movie, I wouldnt like to spoil or share anything that my jeopardize you watching or enjoying this movie.

I shared my take as it played out, how funny it was and any scenes you might be concerned about.  Is this a movie for the whole family to see? I shared that as well.. Hope you enjoy the video review and if you have any questions please feel free to share them down below or in my channel..

Enjoy the movie…