Introducing 2017 Chick Fil A Calendar – No Pain No Grain

August: Mystery Offer

Now we know that the mystery offer for the month of August is for a

Medium Fruit Cup AND
Any size Coca-Cola® soft drink

OR Dasani® Bottled Water



(prices vary by location but on these items alone you can save a total of $4.68 + tax = $5.01)

Medium Fruit Cup – $2.79 (45 calories)

Any size soda – $1.89 (small $1.39 up to large $1.89) (190 calories)


  • are you maximizing your savings at Chick Fil A?
  • you might be mising out on some ways to stretch your dollar

here is how  Top Ways to Save at Chick Fil A (you might be missing out on)