As Monday gets near we quickly begin the Sunday routine, from organizing the kids clothes, work lunches, and our necessary items to start early our Monday routine (of course that varies from household depending on the ages and the school schedules) but there is something we all have in common and that is the rush time as Monday morning approaches.  Know matter how well we may organize it something new unexpected can quickly rise creating a bigger chaos or a stressful beginning of the week. But I ask how did we cope from last weeks burden, issues, sad news, many task to complete or new worry we added to our list of something we notice.  We simply didn’t instead we likely just did a quick solved and continue taking on newer task.

If I had a remote control I could visualize using the slow button as I see how my week went, it sums up to – felt rushed, felt like every task seems not to be completed as more items are surprisingly added making me feel more tired and overwhelm. But yet the thought of feeling overwhelm is not allowed so therefore I continue to accept the new items because I think I can.

Well, I feel like I said a lot but then again not so much.. The point that I’m trying to say is that this is the reason why I’m creating this weekly article.  Is a way to get prepared for the new week but with a new mindset, a fresh new start and with no leftover baggage’s from the previous week. Is not a magic pill but with just preparing the way I know things can feel a lot lighter making us happier people with more task completed.


Glance over last weeks rock

Since Is a new day,  I look back how did I handle last week worries, issues and concerns.  How can I improve this week just to avoid tripping over the same rock. Is a matter of picking up and learning from our mistakes.  One thing I know will help me improve this week is preparing myself for this weeks challenges, burdens and anything I will have to face.

Last week, my week started so excited since it was the beginning of the month you feel so uplifted and ready to make this month a better more improve and fulfilling month but as the week progress that excitement quickly turned into a small storm.  I couldn’t understand how a simple conversation between my husband and I could turn into a small storm that lasted up to the weekend. I had many questions and I cried for many days how was it possible that a concern I had turned into a big argument which now I see he let his fears take over not hearing me out and was only concern about himself.  I know now if I had prepared myself and not let just a happy emotion be my protection I could’ve handle the situation a lot better.


When in the storm, just get wet but not wounded

How can I get ready? How could I handle any storm I might face head on and come out just wet but not wounded? As I ask myself that, all I had to do was open my calendar (planner I prepare) and in the bottom there was a quote “sometimes God allows us to cry for tears to clear our eyes so we can clearly see the good things ahead.”

Tears can humble us, can open our eyes, our mind and soul.  Tears can also let us feel what has always been there but we tried to avoid it simply because is not something we want to face on just yet.  Sometimes when you have been holding back some tension or issues in that moment it hits you, the tears starts to flow, right after you might feel relieve after you let all of that go.  Tears can also expose the true reason why something is hurting you so much, as you cry ask yourself why is this hurting you and right there you might discover the root of that situation.

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One more piece to be – put together 

In order for me to have a week were I’m more prepare I first need to have a Monday of Serenity, a day were I ask God to take control of this day as well of this week, so when anything comes my way I could be in the best mindset I could be in.  Could you imagine as a Mom, or Wife, or Sister or Coworker or Daughter that is well put together as things are thrown at her (regardless if is just or unjust)?  We are so put together from hair, face, makeup, clothes, shoes, reports, mom task and so forth but are we put together to handle every challenges we are thrown at? As I look back at last week I wasnt put together my storm quickly came in and as I was in it, I saw myself drowning with so many emotions and serenity wasnt one of them.  I am glad I have taken time to reflect on last week, not to dwell on anything negative that want to take over but to meditate how can I learn from that storm.

As woman we are very strong and we juggle so many things at once and regardless what we faced we still move forward (any may wonder how she got it together, where is the energy and so forth) but can we imagine taking on the week with a Serenity mindset?

Ready to Face the week?

This is why is so important that Mondays are seen as the day we can prepare ourselves to face the week, that when the storm arises in our lives most likely unexpectedly we can remember a verse in Psalm 107:29 He made the storm be still, and the waves of the sea were hushed.  If I walk believing and not forgetting when I need it the most that He can make the storm be still is with me then all I have to do is walk behind him and believe on this verse then the waves of the sea will be hushed.  But my mistake was when the storm came I forgot to call out to Him and instead of the waves calming down they got much stronger.

The Word is powerful and how we apply it can determine a tranquil and serenity week or a chaotic and stressful weekday.


As the week starts so will a list of things to do from ones you plan to ones that will make it to the list unexpetedly meaning there wont be enough time to get ready for what the week has to hold.  If we make the time to ask God to lead this week, to give us the strength, to guide our path, to help us on our daily routine and give us wisdom throughout we will feel more protected knowing He is with us. Have your alone time to meditate once you dedicate the time you can you will see you will take things a little bit different.  Know things might be presented that will feel like a small shower or storm but knowing you can handle it with a new mindset will make the greatest difference in the world.

How you can share..

There are so many good quotes and verses that can help us stay calm in the midst of the storm or when searching for that verse to give us peace when feeling so heartbroken, if there is one you would like to share you can do that on the comments below..