2018 Note Planner FREE Printable (Post Planner)

Here is a quick preview of my new 2018 blog planner which you can use for blog post or for Youtube Channel



A monthly planner where I could add my ideas, future post and other things is a very convenient way to stay organized.  Using the app that most phones provide today is another option to keep track of your daily and monthly activities but for me I feel more comfortable printing mines and taking it with me.


There are many other planners that can be more detail as to adding your day to day activities all on separate sheets but that is why I created one that works for the categories I used the most all by month in one page by month.


I created this cute monthly planner thinking about ideas that might come up on a monthly basis,


While making this planner I thought what else I can add on things that helps me stay focus and motivated, right away I remember adding monthly statistics & overview is a great way to see how the blog or channel is doing month to month.

2018 notes planner post or yt (print Here)


You can also watch a quick video as I explained and share a sneak peek to the 2018 Note Planner, by clicking here