Have this ever happened to you? You plan for a trip/vacation and at the time is so exciting that you plan as best as you can.  Getting the tickets, hotels, airfare, rental and other expenses seems like is all covered but then little items here and there can surprised you.

For that reason I am sharing this quick post.  Not only I want to share how you can be ready for extra cash in case you might need it or for a little splurging but I would like to make this a a weekly tip.  On Fridays I will like to include a Travel Tip, deal or what might be working for me when preparing for future trips.

So which one is this weeks tip?
How can you have extra cash when it seems you are spending more then you budgeted?
Is this something I could do as well to earned a little cash for future travels?

Well, anyone can actually benefit from this tip, of course you must follow the guidelines on each branch while waiting for that deadline..

Bank Bonuses are a great way to get extra cash for just opening a Bank Account,  but before doing so is great to read the fine prints and see if you are able to do what is required for the time length.  Bank Bonuses pays you for opening an account and is not hard at all, yes you do have to wait a few months before getting the the bonus but why not try it and get ready before going on a trip.

Most banks do show hidden fees, for example if you terminate your account early, if the deposit required is less than agreed and so forth.. That is why I do suggest you read what is required and determined if that bank bonus fits your finances..

What is the description or an idea what the bonuses may required ?

Here is an example of the requirements on our first bank bonus

  • Direct Deposit required – $500 (twice a month)
  • Credit Check – Soft Pull (wont affect your credit score)
  • Monthly Fees – Varies from $8 up to $18 (follow guidelines to avoid fees)
  • Early Termination Fee: $25 (if account is closed 180 days)

This Sample Bank Bonus – $200

This Sample Bank Bonus Ends – 3/31/18

States some branch has this Bonus Available – AL, AR, FL, GA, IA, IL, IN, KY, LA, MO, MS, NC, SC, TN TX

To get started you can do so on this – Direct link to Bank Bonus

How can you get Started? (these steps are mentioned on the link provided above, this is just an example of what you might expect on bank bonuses but keep in mind they do vary by bank):

  1. Before getting started use this promotional code 200DIG18Q1 online or you can present the code when going in person. (select the link above and print the information)
  2. After account is open make 10 purchases with a Regions Visa Checkcard (must post within 60 days of account opening)
  3. Make $500 or more in qualifying direct deposits such as payroll or government benefits
  4. Enroll in Online Statements through Online Banking (within 60 days of account opening)

After a few months of opening your bank account and following the requirements you will be on your way to earning $200 (at least on this sample bank bonus) for travel or any other way you would like to spend that money..

Hope you enjoyed this Travel Tip, which is a great way to prepared ahead and make some money by using this tip..