We asked our youngest son what would he like for his birthday, going out as a family to eat and get a few presents, a birthday party, a pool party or a sleepover.  So he picked the same thing he asked for last year which was a sleepover.  As soon as we knew what kind of party he had in mind we then asked what would be this years birthday theme, right away he said Arrow which is another show we watch as a family.  Thinking about it and searching items of this theme it was hard to find anything to use for his birthday.  As parents we always try to make our kids birthdays as special as it can be, and knowing that we are on a budget doesn’t mean we cant try to make it work and here I want to share with you a few items I did for this birthday theme.

arrow marshmallow pops

Start off with coloring your sugar, place a cup or 2 of granulated sugar into a ziploc bag add a few drops of food coloring, close and mix until you reach your desire color. Set aside and let dry.






Here you can see Water with Honey in a bowl were I add the marshmallow so it can get a little wet and ready for the sugar to be added.


Once the marshmallow is cover with water and honey place into a plate with some paper towel in it so you can place your wet marshmallows to allow excess water remain in the paper towel.  A minute later or so place into sugar and mix until marshmallow is covered.


Here is a cover marshmallow


Here are each marshmallow completed and waiting for them to dry.  I love the color and as you can see it is a pretty easy tutorial and is something I enjoy making for any theme party..




To add a cute touch I cut a few wooden skewers at a good length and place some cut out arrows.

Our Final Result…

arrow marshmallow pops


Here you can see The Flash Marshmallow Pops

marshmallow pops