So excited to share the first possible full box reveal for the October  Boxycharm base box.  This box was shared on tik tok but it was an ad.  Below I will share the items she received in her October Box. 

Please know this box is very odd since she received 2 products from the same brand but I wanted to share what a possible box might look like without the duplicate item. 

Choice Date – Please know early access starts Monday 10/12 but if you are subscribed to the base box you will have the opportunity to pick your item on Tuesday 10/13

New to Boxycharm? Are you planning to subscribe?

If you are interested in getting this box, you can subscribe to Boxycharm (base box $25).  You can click here to do so and in the coupon code type, promo code to earn $5 off coupon to use for the Add-Ons store. 




Base Box :

This unboxing was very different and so odd because she received 5 items in total but 2 were from Dose of Colors.  One shade was used as a concealer while the other one for contour.  This was sent as an ad and most likely was a way for us to see a box reveal with one item pending.  We normally dont see any full box reveal until a few days after the month begins so this was a nice way to see some items for October 2020.



What is the Cost of the Box?

  • Boxycharm has 3 subscription boxes, the Base box cost $25 a month
  • Boxycharm Premium cost is $35 a month, in order to join the waitlist you must be subscribed to the base box.  For the first month, after activation, you can cancel either Base or Premium anytime. Boxyluxe is an upgrade subscription you will receive 4 times in a year (Mar, June, Sep & Dec).  Boxyluxe total cost is $49.99, it will replace your Base box in Luxe months.


How do I subscribe to Boxycharm Box?

  • You can click here to join, select the subscription box you want to join.  In some cases, you might start by joining the waitlist. 


What is the shipping price?

  • The Shipping cost for the Boxycharm Boxes are FREE to the Contiguous U.S. only
  • Shipping outside of the contiguous US costs $8 for Luxe and $5 for Luxe Starter