What a question came about this season, can you be fashionable with -1 temperature?  When you are accustom to tropical weather pretty much throughout the year is hard to picture how cold and windy that weather feels like.  Growing up in New Jersey you get to experience how nice each season is from the color changing trees in the fall to the white snow in the winter.  That picture changed for me after I got married since all I experienced was tropical weather throughout the year.  My kids didn’t get to experience cold and snowy weather which is what you see in the movies for the Christmas season.

This year was very different for us, we planned a week road trip to see our oldest son for the holidays.  Usually he gets vacation – days off from the Army to spend time with us for the holidays but this year he had taken days off during the year so this time it wasnt possible.


This meant we might experienced a White Christmas (how nice and romantic it sounds at least for me jeje).  I thought of how cold it might be but I dont think I was ready for it, we did get some snow and we also had to scrape off the snow all around the car and warm up the car before heading out (how quickly I forgot what that was like).  In all I was happy that we were together as a family experiencing such a wonderful white season.


So I then wonder after experiencing this cold weather, can you be fashionable for the Holidays?  Do you even think of looking sharp when you might not even remove your coat?


I believe I learned my lesson, you can look nice while feeling warm.  I feel I will be ready for another cold weather trip, I will pack differently but I do think some pieces here and there can make a nice fashion statement even in the most coldest weather.


One thing I did enjoyed was wearing makeup, my skin is very oily which you can see the oils coming through after a few hours wearing makeup (if I am wearing a good foundation) but with the cold weather i love how my skin looked and how well my makeup was intact from morning to night.


On this new year I wanted to share a little more about me and what a better way to show off my recent experienced in the winter season. Which shows what a tropical weather girl wore on a very cold winter week..  As you could see I was covered from neck to toes ejejej but I will say I love wearing makeup on this type of weather..


I believe you can be fashionable even on the most coldest weather…I just have to learn some tips and tricks to look as great as the ladies I have seen in most blogs..



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