Felt Dahlia on a 12×12 canvas was a project I was happy to make, I follow the instructions provided by baby abilities which made it so much easier to make.  The sky is the limit on how creative and how unique your piece can be, because you will pick you fabric and felt color..

dahlia canvas 1

For the Canvas = $4.81

  • I got a 12×12 canvas at Joann Original Price $8.99
  • used a 50% coupon (4.50)
  • Final Price $4.81 with tax included

For 72″ Antique White Felt = $3.59

  • Got 72″ Felt Original Price $5.99
  • special on 40% (2.40)
  • Final Price $3.59

For this project I order 2 yards of Felt while I was in Joann I was comparing if I buy it individually what price would it be and notice if I bought 2 it would’ve been almost the same price.  After my project was almost over I notice I have a lot of yards left so tryting to round off how much this would be I would say this project was for around $6.  Is crazy just thinking for less than $10 you can create a unique piece that matches my house then I will say it was very well worth it..

dahlia canvas