Every year we tried to update or remodel a room in our house which include sprucing up or adding a few wood touches.  Well this month we chose to work on our kids bathroom, is crazy to see how quickly they have grown and since they had almost under the sea or fishes theme we decided to make it a little more grown up.

To start we made a small wood box with wood scrap supplies we had from other projects so technically this project was just $0.50 for the paint.


Anytime we get a chance to go to Lowes or Home Depot we check the upps paint pile and luckily for us we found a small container with yellow color mixed in all ready. The price went from $3.48 to $1.25 to $0.50 (which is crazy how much we saved for the color we needed).


In less than half an hour my husband made the small wood box, I didnt want it to high since it was to place wash cloths and other items my kids will need.  So he measured using the scrap pieces of wood and we came up with the perfect size for the kids bathroom counter.  Once the piece was made we painted using the yellow color and some paint was still left over.

20160207_230220068_iOS 20160207_230226213_iOS


Once the box was dried we added some wash cloths and some hand soap

diy small wood box


It always feels good that you can take some scrap pieces of wood thinking you may not be able to use them since they are too small and with some measurements you can create something you can use.

An item like this is something I wouldve purchased since we did needed a small wood tray or box but looking at our wood pieces and trying to remodel on a budget we were extremely happy how this worked out for us.