Lemonade an interesting little box that offers a nice range of flavors, from Lemon Soda to Strawberry and even Blueberry Fizz.  This summer refreshing drink was an inspiration you can find on a makeup eyeshadow palette..  How creative would it be, while you apply your eye makeup explaining each shade, first I will add a pop of Nude Tea, Blend some Peach and work the corners with a touch of Sweet Tea (just to keep it neutral). It truly speaks summer, is what we can expect from Christen Dominique new Lemonade Palette from Dominique Cosmetics.

Could this palette work well for the Fall or Winter too? Checking out the shades you can see many warm tone shades that can easily make a nice Fall and even Winter look.

The cost for this palette is $42 which seems a little much but to be honest most palettes cost about that much these days.  If you are considering getting this palette consider placing an order online, there are some great cashback sites that offer a great incentive while shopping online.  For example if you are new to Top Cash Back, which I use more then Ebates, you can get $10 added to your account when using my link and in addition will receive about 4-6% cash back depending on the rate when making your purchase.

Based on Christen Dominique social media, she shared we can expect her palette at Sephora we are excited to see this palette in store.  This will help us get a nice look and feel before making any purchases.

The Lemonade Palette – Includes 4 richly pigmented soft matte shades and 6 ultra creamy sparkling shades curated for all skin tones, eye color and artistry skills for a total of 10 shades.

• Lemon Soda: Vibrant Medium Yellow Shimmer
• Pink Lemonade: Bubble Gum Pink with a gold shift
• Nude Tea: Warm peach with a matte finish
• Peach: Warm Peach foil
• Cucumber: Cool toned mint green foil
• Mango: Warm Yellow Mustard with a matte finish
• Sweet Tea: Vibrant warm orange brown with a matte finish
• Chai Tea: Plum brown with cool undertones and a matte finish
• Strawberry: Dark pink shimmer with silver flecks
• Blueberry Fizz: Deep indigo shimmer with violet and blue flecks