graduation wreath


We are so excited to see our oldest son graduate from high school.  We just want to share our joy with our neighbors too jejej.. Let me show you how you can create a simple and easy wreath on a budget.. I bought a Grad sign from Michaels for $1.99.  The item from Michaels is okay as it is but I wanted to add some bling to the sign so when the sun shines on it it will sparkle..

You can buy bling mesh at Michaels too, but I had some left from older house projects.  You need a glue gun and school color ribbon or mesh.

Cut some mesh one line at a time but make sure you cut enough to go around each letter and hat, then cut some that have 4 to 5 circle each to use around curving of each letter.

Once your items are ready and cut turn on hot glue gun and start to glue each mesh, start in the most obvious shapes and work yourself in to the hardest letters.

graduation wreath 2