I purchased a large snowflake cookie cutter about 2 years ago when it was on clearance.  The size, style and color was so different that I knew it would come in handy.

At first I wonder if it might be too hard to make but after decorating my first cookie I fell in love with this design.  Winter wonderland, Snowman theme, White and blue colors is what I go for most Christmas. 

This could be since I live in Florida you dont get to see a White Christmas it must be why I tend to pick those colors jejej..

I am glad how the cookies came out, for the taste I love Almond flavor with a touch of Vanilla but with this recipe you can add any flavor and it taste pretty good.  Do you have a favorite Sugar Cookie Flavor ? 


Here is how simple this was to make

  • Make your cookies (you can follow this recipe)
  • Make your Royal Icing (Colors Needed White and Blue)
  • Trace Around the Border of the Cookie with White Icing (you can use tip #3)
  • Fill in with White Royal Icing 
  • Once dried Pipe In Blue (using tip #3) Lines Across, then make V shapes on each line