Eating healthier and looking for ways to change our normal not so healthy meals is not easy, but the good thing is that finding healthier alternatives can actually make the transition a lot smoother.  Today we are making our own Homemade Turkey Meatballs and I want to share how quick and healthy this alternative dish is.  We love meatballs in Pasta, in a Sandwich or as an Appetizer they are really good and today I want to share our humble recipe.

Our weight loss journey hasnt been so easy but I am happy that I have lost some weight since I started and I havent looked back. Our journey is a pretty slow one (I would say) jejej.. but instead of looking at it as a diet I want to see it as a life style change and in the process we look for ways to replace the not so good meals/snacks to a much healthier one.

turkey meatballs

Hope you like this recipe and let me know what you think.. enjoy..