Saving, Checking for deals and cutting coupons is what we do each week to make sure we save on each trip but how do you know how much you are really saving? Yes, is a joy to look at the bottom of our receipt on each shopping trip and see how much you saved on one individual trip but how do you know? how do you keep track to see how much you are saving overall?

Every week we make some shopping trip either to local supermarket, or drugstores such as CVS and Walgreens or other places like Sam’s or Costco or even BJs. But to really keep track of my true savings I like to enter my receipt totals in my monthly spreadsheet and then I file that receipt.


jan shopping ttl


I shared most of my trips on this site and others that didnt make it to the post were some quick items that were added just to my spreadsheet, but overall every receipt is entered and filed right after.


  • Purchase Total      952.88

    Credit Total            258.79

    MIR Total                 –

    Store Credit/Bogo   508.97

    Amount Pay Ttl      185.12


Percentage Saving for This month is 80.6%


I would like to share the printable spreadsheet with you.

Just click 2016 shopping receipts printable to download yours today..

Hope this spreadsheet is as helpful to you as it is to me..