We have new information about the Winter mystery box 2020.  I was expecting this box to be released during black Friday deals and after not hearing much about it I thought it was forgotten.  But nope, it is now confirmed that the Winter Mystery Box will be even better then Halloweens boxes.. 

So far we only have the dates so mark your calendars because that will be in a few days from today.  Jeffree Star did mention you can pick from 4 tiers, yes, he is including another tier and he mentioned the Supreme (biggest) box you wont want to miss.    

Just know these sell out very quickly, if you are interested below I will share the date and time (once is available) so you don’t miss out.  


If you would like to know where you can purchase his new collection and/or mystery boxes it will be available on Jeffree Star Cosmetics website or just click here. (this will be available on JSC website on launch date)


What is the Cost of the Box?

  • First Tier is called Mini – Price $25 (it comes with 3 items)
  • Second Tier is called Premium – Price $60 (it comes with 5 items)
  • Third Tier is called Deluxe – Price $120 (it comes with 7 items)
  • Fourth Tier is Called Supreme – Price $175 (it comes with 10 items)


When will the Mystery Box be available?

  • The Mystery Boxes will be available on Friday, December 11th 


What is the shipping price?

  • The Shipping cost for the Mystery Box has not been revealed yet but it might be an extra amount. 



Are you planning to get 1 or all 4?

What are you hoping to get?