Becca Skin Love Weightless Blur Foundation Review

I love testing out new foundations is amazing to see this item has come so far. Companies are getting creative by adding great benefits to there foundation. It is hard to keep up with all of the new makeup products but places like Ulta and Sephora do make it easier to know what is new. 
While visiting both locations I was impressed with the stand shown I do like the packaging for the new foundation called Becca Skin Love Weightless Blur. I was able to select my shade which ranges 24 shades, the one that looks perfect on my skin is the shade Olive (shown on image below).  This foundation has some good claims as well as great ingredients to help your skin stay hydrated. For a person like me that has sensitive and acne prone skin is key finding a wonderful foundation that my skin will appreciate. 
This foundation I put to the test. I used it on 3 different occasions for more then 8 hours. I applied it with a primer I do enjoy which is Too Faced Hangover another time I used a serum I enjoy which you can see my diy recipe. Another occasion I tried the silk canvas from Tatcha primer. I wanted to test out this foundation with different primers to see how well it last and the overall look may be. 
I do want to mention my skin has acne scars and large pores which is a challenge on its own. But most foundations looks great on my skin once all of the makeup is applied but with this foundation that wasn’t the case. You could see my pores a lot and the acne scars is all I was able to see every time I would look at my skin. 
I truly wanted to love this foundation but having a product emphasize on my problem areas is not something I want to pay for specially being $44. 


How I look before applying this product:


How I look after applying this product:


How I look after makeup is complete:

How I look after 8 hours of wear:




After trying this foundation with all of those options for many hours each day, I could say this foundation is not for me. I enjoy the benefits it offers and how it can improve my skin but overall the look of the foundation on my skin wasn’t the best. My pores and acne scars were extremely visible and even after applying primers and completing my makeup nothing helped in those areas.  It is a nice foundation with medium coverage and great benefits but for my type of skin is not one I enjoyed.. 


On this video you can see how I applied this product on a total of 3 times wear review you can see it here

Have a blessed week..