Norvina Pro Pigment Palette Vol. 1- 3

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Norvina Pro Pigment Eyeshadow is releasing not 1 but 3 volume palettes.  All 3 Volume are so colorful and a bit unique but they come with a higher price tag of $60 each. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills previous palettes are some I enjoy colors, perfect for everyday use, and pigmentation. So, seeing the new palette releases has me wanting to buy at least 1 but which one? Below I will share each volume with the shades and release date.  


Volume 1 – Price $60 available at Ulta & Sephora

Why You’ll Love It:

  • Contains 25 professional pigments in oversized pans to offer limitless possibilities and endless amounts of looks
  • Includes highly pigmented iconic colors, daring brights, and vibrant hues
  • Perfect for the artist who wants to have the ultimate color collection and for the makeup fanatic who is ready to take their makeup creativity to the next level
  • Advanced artistry palette housed inside a beautiful square-cut purple case with gold accents and the ABH x Norvina logo on the outside and an extra-large mirror on the inside
  • Formulated without gluten, parabens or phthalates
  • Dermatologist tested and noncomedogenic
  • Cruelty-free and vegan


  • A1 (metallic lilac with a cool pink reflect)
  • A2 (matte mid-tone vivid violet)
  • A3 (matte rich plum)
  • A4 (metallic golden copper)
  • A5 (matte vibrant warm candy pink)
  • B1 (matte vivid lilac)
  • B2 (metallic rosy bronze with gold sparkles)
  • B3 (metallic platinum rose with gold sparkles)
  • B4 (matte deep cool violet)
  • B5 (matte deep cool plum)
  • C1 (matte bright white)
  • C2 (metallic yellow gold)
  • C3 (metallic deep rose gold with gold sparkles)
  • C4 (matte mauve plum)
  • C5 (matte burnt sienna brown)
  • D1 (matte primary yellow)
  • D2 (shimmering blue purple)
  • D3 (matte primary red)
  • D4 (sparkling matte primary blue with blue sparkles)
  • D5 (matte black)
  • E1 (shimmering peach gold)
  • E2 (matte pastel orange)
  • E3 (matte ochre yellow)
  • E4 (matte neon orange)
  • E5 (matte oxblood)


Volume 2 – Price $60 available at Sephora (release date 9/26)

  •  A1 (shimmer hot pink),
  • A2 (matte lime yellow),
  • A3 (shimmer lime),
  • A4 (shimmer periwinkle),
  • A5 (shimmer teal),
  • B1 (matte green with large sparkle),
  • B2 (matte deep periwinkle blue),
  • B3 (matte jade green),
  • B4 (matte ultramarine blue),
  • B5 (matte azure blue),
  • C1 (multi-shade reflective shimmer champagne),
  • C2 (matte sky blue with sparkle),
  • C3 (matte cobalt blue),
  • C4 (matte Prussian blue),
  • C5 (matte oxblood),
  • D1 (multi-reflective green silver),
  • D2 (matte bold orange),
  • D3 (matte hot pink),
  • D4 (matte yellow with large sparkle),
  • D5 (matte navy blue),
  • E1 (matte emerald green with large sparkle),
  • E2 (shimmering amethyst),
  • E3(matte teal green),
  • E4 (matte red brown),
  • E5 (matte black)


Volume 3 – Price $60  exclusive @ Sephora (release date 9/26)

(Picture from ABH – instagram)


If you could pick just one which one would it be? They all seem so pretty and unique and is hard to pick just one but I see 2 palettes that I might use more since I love to use more warm shades.  So Volume 1 seems like my first choice while Volume 3 has the warm and cool tones I might use too..