I love saving money but to be honest it has taken us some time to get here. Many years ago we started to get our finances in order since we were in debt, but since then we discovered many great ways to save and getting things free,  so our debt became a blessing in disguise sort of speak.

Finding ways to pay off our debt has opened doors we didn’t know about like getting things free to travel. Today I want to share that saving a little each week can truly add up to big savings, in fact just saving less than $200 a month can help you reach $2500 in a year.

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I know it seems kind of hard to save some money a week especially if you are trying to make ends meet, I will include some tips on how you can earn a few dollars per week with some side hustle or how you can cut back to help you reach your goal.

7 Mystery Shopper jobs that can help you get from $50 up to $200 a month depending on the task you take each week

or How Couponing helped me get out of debt – this was a great turned around for us helping us save over $8k a year

Or ways you can cut back to help you pay off your debt – it cant be challenging hearing the word cut back but some are pretty easy to follow and yet the savings will be so rewarding.


Cash Back offers through 5 apps

If you are new to cash back offers here are 5 you can start earning as you shop in places like CVS.  If you use my link we both will receive an incentive which will help you get started with a better amount..

  1. Ibotta  Cash Back
  2. Checkout51
  3. Fetch Rewards
  4. ShopKick App (referral code YAY878036)

Fetch Rewards – Another way to save, there is a new app (similar to Ibotta) You can begin by using my referral code A8CVB and you’ll get 1500 points (like $1.50 in rewards!) when you scan your first rebate!