Are you willing to see an advance movie?
Are you willing to see a movie days before is released for purchase?
Are you willing to see it for FREE?
Are you available to see this movie at the time and place stated on this ticket?

You are interested but still feel a little skeptical about the whole thing, here are some answers as to questions you may have;

  1. If you are considering but still have questions, first you have to be quick and click the link, why? because for each location only a certain amount of tickets will be given.  The purpose of the advance screening is for one movie to be shown before is released and that location must be a full house.
  2. If I make the line will there be a guarantee I may see the movie? There is no guarantee that is why you need to be there a little earlier to make the line but to be honest most movies the theater still has empty seats but certain popular movies there might be a chance those that got there late will not get to see the movie.. (I share what you need to do before heading out to the movies)
  3. Why is it for FREE? well, is very simple the reason you get a free ticket for 2 is because they pick the time and location and right after the movie you share as you walk out if you like it or not.
  4. How long have you been doing this? My first free movie screening was back in April 2012 and the movie was – The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel we got there at 6:45 and we almost didnt get to see it.  Right after our first screening we were hooked watching every ticket we printed and after 5 years we still enjoy it.
  5. How much have you saved? On a weekly basis we would receive 1-3 free movie screenings, there are some gaps in a month that you may not get that many movies to watch but I could honestly say in a month we get to watch at least 3 – 5 movies for FREE.  Last year on 2016 we saved over $1600 in movie tickets, you can find out more on how here .

Today’s Feature Presentation is…..

(Print your ticket, in there it will show you the date, time and location for this FREE Movie Screening)

Second Act


What to do?

  • First get your ticket before they ran out..
  • Then Click on the image to get your tickets (each account gives you 2 tickets if you have a family of 4, create 2 account but you must be 18 years or older to do so)
  • Print your tickets and head out to your assign movie theater before the movie is shown.  For this movie it starts at 7:00pm so usually by 6:20 they start letting people in, but know that this is first come first seat.
  • From our experience depending how high or popular we know the movie may be is the time we arrive to make the line.  Some movies you can arrive at 6:00 and go in with no problem since the line wasnt long at all.  But also keep in mind the size and amount of seats varied theater and movie.
  • To be save just arrive a little early, have your tickets on hand, make the line, have ID if needed (since we have been watching movies for free only once we were asked for ID to match the ticket name) and enjoy the movie..