A few months ago all Boxycharm subscribers received a pretty inspirational eyeshadow palette from Alamar Cosmetics.  The palette has a few bold colorful shades, is well balanced with the right matte and shimmer shades making it easy to create any eye makeup look using just one palette.  

This palette has become a favorite that is was no surprise an idea was shared to bring back this palette.  Laurie Latimer is a youtuber who is very sweet, she did an open collab where anyone can participate. After seeing this I knew this would be perfect since I enjoy this palette, the collab is call Last Summer Fling. 

The collab was very easy to join all we needed was the palette we received about a month ago from boxycharm. Boxycharm is a beauty box subscriptions for $21 offer 5-6 full size name brand items. For September we received a new palette that has more brown and gray shades which was the one I was playing with. But one thing I notice the oldest palettes from my boxes are put to the side. Is not something I planned on doing is because the new ones get more love jejje. Since this collab is required to use the Alamar Cosmetics palette which I like is why I joined. 

This palette screams summer but if you remove the cool tone shades it also screams fall. 
The collab was open to anyone to make a video by a specified date just using this palette. 
That would be another challenge making a complete eye makeup tutorial just using one palette. I really enjoyed this tutorial and I like how it came out. I did a video which you can watch here on my channel and I also did a minute video on my Instagram account too. 

Is nice to come together get inspire from each other and seeing how we can create our own look using the same palette for creative flawless looks. 

Here is how I did using this palette you can watch it here

(in the description box, it includes the links to all of the ladies that participated on this collab)