Since I started on my weight loss journey I have learned that you can be more in tune with your body, before I would eat as many items as I wanted specially sweets but now I can search for alternatives and stay on track without feeling guilty.  Snacks and sweets are still on my daily diet but creating healthier options has helped me keep track of my calories while eating sweet snacks.

My Favorite combination when I’m craving Iced Coffee and Cinnamon Sweets is this new recipe i want to share with you today.  Vanilla Iced Coffee has a few calories it ranges from 16 cal to 45 calories which is pretty good considering if you buy it at any local restaurant or cafe.  Cinnamon Tortilla Chips has a few calories as well since I used truvia as my sugar helping this recipe a good one to make without feeling guilty. Cinnamon Tortilla Chips has about 84 calories per serving based on My Fitness Pal Nutrition Fact (but it all depends how many calories your flour tortilla has).

  • Vanilla Biscotti Iced Coffee 16 calories
  • Cinnamon Tortilla Chips 84 calories

A total of 100 calories for everything you see in the picture.


I will warn you both the Vanilla Iced Coffee and the Cinnamon Tortilla Chips are very addictive jejje..

iced coffee & cinnamon chips


Here I can share previous post for the Vanilla & Hazelnut Iced Coffee recipes, you can be as creative or use any milk you may have available (sometimes I change the Cashew Milk to Almond, Vanilla or Soy Milk)

Hazelnut Iced Coffee (45 calories)

hazelnut iced coffee



Vanilla Biscotti Iced Coffee (16 calories)

vanilla iced coffee



Now we can begin making the Cinnamon Chips, this is a very easy recipe and it can be enjoyed right away (well right after the chips are cooled jejej)