Since this past week I received my first Victoria’s Secret Secret Rewards Gift Cards I started to check my emails on any new specials, while searching I saw one that was worth getting.

The promotion was buy 2 bras get $30 in rewards when using the promo code – BUY2Rewards, in addition getting the deal online if you spent $50 or more the shipping is FREE.  So, since we had a very busy morning we placed the order and everything went pretty smooth.

To find out more on how I got my Secret Rewards in the mail click here


I got 2 bras for $49.50 if you take advantage of this deal you are saving a total of $19.50 when you buy both bras. In addition this weekend they had a promotion if you buy 2 bras you can get a FREE $30 reward card.  Here is what I did.


Bought 2 Bras for $49.50, Reg Price $34.50 each

Bought 1 Panty for $3.99, Reg Price $14.50 each

Deduct Gift Card $10.00

Shipping: FREE

Tax: 3.21

Paid $46.70 but $30 Reward Card added to order

Final Price: $16.70