In this post, I will share new spoilers for the Premium box.  The sneak peeks I shared are confirmed but stay tuned for upcoming possible sneak peeks.  This will be for next month’s box which is MARCH Boxycharm Premium Box.. 



New to Boxycharm?  Are you planning to subscribe?

If you are interested in getting Premium or base box, you can subscribe to Boxycharm (base box $27.99).   You can click here to do so and in the coupon code type, promo code to earn a $10 off coupon to use for the mega shop drop.


Boxycharm Important Dates

  • March Choice – You will be able to select your choice of products on Feb 6th
  • Mega Drop Shop Opens on the same date Feb 6th


Boxycharm Premium Box (Choice #1) 

Choice opens on Monday,  February 6 you can select between the items shown below

Grown Alchemist- Balancing Toner

Refine the appearance of pores and even skin tone with this alcohol-free balancing toner featuring free-radical fighting antioxidants, and skin-soothing and hydrating natural ingredients like Ginseng, Chamomile, and Aloe Vera, for a fully refreshed, instantly lifted, and radiant glow.

The Nue Co- Supa Thick Scalp Treatment Serum

SUPA_THICK works to minimize the number of hairs being lost while boosting the growth of healthy new ones. It contains a blend of circulation-boosting ingredients: rosemary leaf and peppermint oil (a sufficient blood supply is required to deliver nutrients to the hair follicles). Clary sage oil (which contains a compound called linalyl acetate) strengthens the hair shaft, making it more difficult to break.



Boxycharm Premium Box (Choice #2) 

We only have the first possible choice item but stay tuned for upcoming spoilers.


What is the Cost of the Box?

  • Boxycharm has 3 subscription boxes, the Base box cost $27.99 a month
  • Boxycharm Premium cost is $39.99 a month, in order to join the waitlist you must be subscribed to the base box.  For the first month, after activation, you can cancel either Base or Premium anytime. Boxyluxe is an upgrade subscription you will receive 4 times in a year (Mar, June, Sep & Dec).  Boxyluxe total cost is $59.99, it will replace your Base box in Luxe months.


How do I subscribe to Boxycharm Box?

  • You can click here to join, select the subscription box you want to join.  In some cases, you might start by joining the waitlist. 


What is the shipping price?

  • The Shipping cost for the Boxycharm Boxes are FREE to the Contiguous U.S. only
  • Shipping outside of the contiguous US costs $8 for Luxe and $5 for Luxe Starter