Want to make some money while in places you are probably heading out to?

A video might be as helpful how to find the top 7 Mystery Shopper Companies by watching it below

Is interesting how you can make a few dollars just for taking a picture and answering a few questions, at first you might be thrown off seeing a $3 mystery job but after doing a few more you will have some extra cash added to your bank or PayPal account.

Back in 2012 when we started our “get out of debt journey” we knew getting some extra cash was key for making that happen quicker than expected.  During this time we discovered some great apps that offer a quick way on making money for our time while visiting places we normally would be in while couponing.

What is a Secret Shopper?

A company will hire a mystery shopper for you to check out the store and continue your time there as a regular customer. You will observe, take pictures (if required) and report back on the specific task.  Some task might take a few minutes to complete while others might ask for you to make a purchase and getting reimbursed for it.

What to know before signing up?

Each company (like the ones listed below) work differently, some may require a few questions while others might ask to complete a questionnaire for each task and/or company.

If you sign up to a few tasks on one or two apps you can earn from $50 up to $200 a month.  You can sign up to any task or complete a few as they pop up on the app. Selecting a few tasks on each weekend you can reach $50 a month but if you do more task on the weekends and during the week you can reach $200 or more is up to you but the task shown may vary by region.

Even if you earn $50 a month consistently in a year you had made about $600 in extra income just for a few minutes of your time.



MaritzCX – is a great and well-recommended company to try.  At first, it took some time before getting approved this was due to an error found. When signing up there are a few simple steps that are needed such as contact info, profile, employment and a few more.

In the uploads section, we needed to include proof of auto insurance, it wasn’t going through so this took some time before it was fixed.  They offer great jobs such as phone providers and banks, the pay is a lot higher than some other companies.


Sinclair Customer Metric – another great way of earning money doing mystery shopping. To sign up it takes some time since you will be asked to read and answer some questions, there are certain brief quizzes but in order to get accepted you need to score what they are looking for.

I notice most of the task offered are not commonly found in other programs, banks are a major task you can find for this company. For each task, you sign up for you need to complete some questions.


The Source – this will take time to become an independent Field Agent but you can start accepting task right away.  First, sign up, then confirm email and wait for the approval.  The task you can apply for is listed even for future dates.

Each task will share details, length of time and pay amount, but you must pay attention to the scheduled date since it can be much further away.  Once you request the project you would like to do, it will give you more information about that program.


Secret Shopper – is a great app, in most cases, you will get reimbursed for a task in your area.  For example, when we first started we would ask to eat at a nice restaurant, a sheet/form will be sent to us so we can complete and answer many questions while eating there.  Some of the jobs just require a purchase and you will get reimbursed for your review, while other jobs you simply get paid for your review.


Field Agent – One of the first app I used was this one, the ease of use and how easy each task is, makes it worth trying it out.  This app focuses on actual jobs in your area, unlike other apps (that let you know ahead of time).  Once you open the app you will see available task by category, each task will give you an estimated time of 2 hours to complete, the pay can start around $3, up to much more if a purchase is required.  In order to get more task is recommended to complete quick surveys found on the Ticket Jobs category.


Mobee – with referral code (kp99) you will earn 300 points, this app works a bit different but loves the gift cards it offers as a reward.  Sign up with your phone, right away you will be able to see missions in your area or far as you choose to in the map.

Each available mission offers points and it lets you know what you need to do.  Those points quickly add up to free gift cards. for example currently, with 500 points you can get Starbucks, Target, Amazon and other gift cards.


Bestmark – is easy to sign up, you will need to confirm your email and if approved a log in information will be sent to you.  In your account, it will show available shops and (this is a new option) phone call shops.

Payments are sent to PayPal or direct deposit.  On the main screen (visit shops) it will give you enough information such as date, pay, type, city. Once you click one from the list, it will give you more information, if interested click request and select the day you prefer (if there is more then one option).  By clicking request you will receive more detailed information not shown on the previous screen.


You Can also check out a video here as I share more about these 7 Mystery Shopper Companies