How to get $1000 which you can use as an emergency fund or complete baby step 1 from Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University.


For some adding $1000 on the side for emergency purposes can be easy to do but for most that are living paycheck to paycheck or in debt can be a challenge.  I want to share a few ways you can reach this goal while completing the first baby step.


At first, sorting out your finances and seeing how much you might be in debt might be extremely overwhelming, but I think that is the hardest part.  Knowing your debt and accepting that reality is a huge step to finding financial peace.


Now that you know your amount and you found the tools to get your debt paid off is time to complete those baby steps.  I am not saying the only way to reaching your goal is through Dave Ramsey’s program but personally is one that we tried and saw the best results.


What I love how social media, videos, and blogs you can find the tools for helping you reach your goals.  In this post, I would like to provide how you can reach a goal of $1000 which you can use as an emergency fund or for any other needs.


Secret Shopper – In a month you can safely earn $100 – $175

1. Get Paid to Secret Shop – there are many apps and websites that offer a range of tasks you can do in places like, banks, stores (Walmart, Target, Sams), random locations, local supermarkets, and more. I have a post dedicated to the companies we use and the ones we recommend.

  • In one weekend with Field Agent & Easy Shift (hubby and I) – $77
  • Maritzcx – $75


Delivery – In a month you can safely earn $200 – $300

2. If you have a car and follow the guidelines required by these companies you can deliver groceries or meals and earn a nice amount each month.  There are many great companies you can apply for and once hire select the area and the time you would like to work.

You can apply to Instacart, Shipt, Ubereats, and Door Dash.  We applied for Shipt but unfortunately, we couldn’t have the items sent to us since our area has too many drivers. 

Instacart, on the other hand, was a lot quicker, we select 2 hours in the weekend to earn a nice amount for grocery shopping and deliveries.


Couponing – In a month you can save about $200 – $350 

3. In a month we were spending about $550 to $650 on groceries and not much to show for it.  A few years back we started couponing and right away we cut that expense in half. 

It is not an amount you will get paid for but spending a few hundred dollars less out of pocket can help you reach your $1000 emergency fund.

On this blog, I share the best deals and I also include my shopping trips.  You will see sometimes you do need to buy the newspaper to get the coupon books but other times apps, printable coupons (also provided here) and offers can also help you save on each trip.

Cashback apps

4. Now that I mentioned couponing, there are a few apps that go hand in hand.  These apps like ibotta, checkout51, fetch rewards, saving star offer cash back for purchasing items at the store.

Most of these apps give you an incentive when signing up which means free money for trying them out.  You can redeem the cashback earned in gift cards or to your PayPal account is shown as an option.

  1. Ibotta  Cash Back
  2. Checkout51
  3. Fetch Rewards – referral code A8CVB
  4. Saving Star



Amazon Flex – In a month you can safely earn $200 – $324

5. If there is a hub in your area you can sign up and pick up packages to deliver them in the route selected for you.  The app will provide the times they need and how much they will pay. 

Most jobs range from 2 1/2 – 4 hours ( and the pay can go from $40 – $75).  If you do at least one or 2 jobs each weekend you can easily get over $200.  They pay right away to the bank account provided.




House sitter – In a month you can safely earn $100

6. House sitter is a great opportunity to help someone while they are away, this can consist of taking care of the house needs (like mail and other things), to watching over there pets or even to take care of the plants. 

The site housesitter provides a range of jobs by each city, the amount per day, and what is needed.  Some of the jobs can start around $20 per day up to $88 or more, but the prices will vary by location and the task required by the owner.



Selling your things– In a month you can safely earn $100

7. Sell your items, surprisingly when we start to look around there are many items that are sitting there collecting dust (sort of speak).  In reality, we have so many items we are probably not even using, one way you can get some money to help reach your goal is to sell them. 

In a weekend we sold items we had still in boxes not opened at all hoping to use them one day.  In that weekend just selling 3 items, we made $160