Finding ways on how I can save is one of my passions, I truly enjoy doing the research on how to cut back on many expenses.  Well, was this my passion so many years ago? Not at all.. In fact, I was such a busy working mom that the thought of setting time for that was overwhelming.

What changed? in one word the answer would be – Life.  But in a more explained version of that question would be finding ourselves in such deep debt that looking for ways to cut back created a passion to save.

I normally share my experience after trying a product or method for years at best but in this case is totally the opposite, in fact, this is a new app I just installed less than a week ago.  But finding ways to invest in our future is what has me sharing this app with you.

Being a frugal mom, cutting back expenses, traveling for almost free and watching movies for free shows how much we can stretch a dollar while enjoying the things we do. But how can you make your DOLLAR work for YOU, this is where this app comes in.

  • Investing,
  • Portfolio,
  • Stocks,
  • IRA,

are all terms that many people stay away from, just mentioning those keywords you can see people losing interest in that conversation.

Although is not fun to talk about it (simply because it can get so complex) these are the places we can take the money we are saving and investing it for long term savings.

Do you remember hearing our grandparents saying the best way to save is putting that money in a safe deposit? Or sometimes we can just open savings account place that money there and see little interest gained.

Well here is Acorns Investment app that makes investing so much EASIER. It will help you save, gain interest, invest in your own portfolio (5 to choose from) starting with conservative and see in the long run how that dollar makes you money.

This is not a get rich app, but starting today (no matter what age you are) is key.  I am not suggesting this should be the only way but doing your research especially if you are new to investing this could be a great way to start.

How does it work?

  • You install the Acorns app here (easy to follow) Link is an affiliate which we both get $5 after your first investment.
  • You can invest as low as $5 a week = $20 a month
  • Link your bank account
  • Answer a few questions, which will determine the type of portfolio suggested for you (if you are not pleased with it, you can change it)

Ways you can invest?

  • Investment account – withdraw every week based on the amount you suggested
  • Dollar round-ups – every purchase made on the link account, the remaining cents will be added to your investment.
    • for example, you make a purchase @ Dunkin’ $2.75 (will be deducted from your link bank) the remaining $0.25 will be added to your investment account.
  • One time investment – you can add any amount you desire as a one-time transaction
  • earn found money – shop from the brands in the app and they will invest an amount/percentage back to your account.
  • invite friends to help them become investors and earn $5 each


Based on the question you answer when signing up, a portfolio is assigned to you, the more your money is invested in bonds the least risk it has comparing it to investing it in stocks.  Below I share some pictures on how each portfolio is divided and the percentage on each category.

Here is the best part for anyone who is starting in creating a portfolio or with the stock market.  Why? simply selecting your own stocks can get overwhelming especially for a beginner, this app selects them for you which will help your account have a gain/loss depending on the status of the market and portfolio you selected.

In most cases higher the risk higher the profit can be vs the conservative it is the profit might not be as profound.  Always know the market has its ups and downs but after many years of research the bottom percentage in your investment could be 7%.

  • Conservative, Moderately Conservative, Moderate, Moderately Aggressive, Aggressive

What is the cost of this service?

The app is free to install but each month they will charge $1, the cost in a year is $12.

Other ways to invest in the stock market is Robinhood which is a great app to create your portfolio but here you select the stock you want to invest and link your bank account in it.

The great thing about Robinhood app is Free and just for using a link you will get a free stock, no one knows the one will have until you pick from a selection of 3.


IRA – another way to invest?


IRA is a great way to invest in your future (there are 3 options on this specific investment) and you can select which one will work best for you.

The great thing is this app can help you create a separate investment account for a later time since this is meant to be used when you retire or after the age of 59 1/2.


The first investment account above you can withdraw your investment vs an IRA account there will be a penalty if you do before the age mentioned.

Is best to start early since there is a limit on how much you can invest each year.  But before investing in this type of account do your research and decide the amount and which company you will use for this type of investment.


Follow up?

In later months I would like to share my status with the app and how the investment worked for me.  The app suggested on a conservative portfolio but I changed it to Moderately Aggressive. I will start with $5 every week which is not aggressive at all but is a start.