Is Back to School… wow, I am amazed how quickly the time went.  It wasnt so long ago that we were celebrating our first born graduation and now is time for my youngest son to go back to school.  On Thursday we went to his school open house and we enjoyed meeting his new teachers and seeing some of his friends as they looked at each others schedule.

As parents we are so proud to see the excitement our son has to go back to school so, before you know it we tried to enjoy this moment because it can easily go by too fast.  We enjoyed seeing him meeting his new teachers and talking to his older teachers too.. Of course he got to see some of his friends and shared there schedules mainly to see if they had any classes together..

Now is time for me to get organize for this school year. Yes, we have many apps and gadgets on the phone were you can just add your schedule there and share it but for some reason I like to view and write my calendar on a printable sheet.

I begin by placing a monthly calendar around the fridge area (for all of us to see and remember) in that calendar I like to write future events such as; school, my son activities, after school programs, husband work schedule and days off, holidays, church events, vacation schedule, future free movie dates and anything that comes along the way.

It is good to feel organize, sometimes we may be talking with a friend or family member and they might plan something in the spot but if we have our calendar we can plan accordingly and track it down to reserve that day.

Also, in my calendar I include all days off sent by the school (usually we get that in a student handbook and a sheet were it shows the school calendar days off) another option is getting it from your school counties website.

calendar aug 2015

Here is a preview of August printable calendar and you can download a pdf printable copy for the month of august 2015 calendar and for the month of sept 2015 calendar.

Hope this calendar helps you as much as it does in our family..