The month of August is one that I joined to participate on a Face Mask 30 day challenge.  It sounds like a great challenge at first but once you stopped to think about it you wonder how will my skin react to so many new products.  My skin is very sensitive, oily, acne prone, acne scars, redness and it has large pores (just to name a few).  My skin is so sensitive that many products could create some type of reaction or I start to breaking out.

That being said, I am looking forward to this challenge and see how my skin reacts and if there is any visible improvement. The challenge consist on any type of mask which could be on your face, hair, feet or any other mask you which to use.  I would consider other areas I could improve on but seeing how complicated my skin is I prefer to take this challenge head on just on my face.

I will share my weekly results, the products I used and how long I kept the mask. Hopefully I see great improvements and this could be a motivation to those that are struggling with similar problematic skin. I welcome you to my 30 day Face Mask Journey and see how it can improve for you to.

How you can join, you can share your pictures on instagram #getsheetfaced30 – Meet the creators, I am glad to be part of this challenge which was made by Rented Fashion and KaylasWays.

Well lets start the Journey…

This is how my skin looked like as we begin this challenge.  I had a few breakouts and some dark spots from a previous breakout.









Day 1 – 15 minutes – Mario Badescu Face Mask

Day 2 – 30 minutes – Almond & Vitamin E Face Mask

Day 3 – 20 minutes – Almond & Vitamin E Face Mask

Day 4 – 25 minutes – Avocado Face Mask

Day 5 – 15 minutes – Avocado Face Mask

Day 6 – 15 minutes – Almond & Vitamin E Face Mask

Day 7 – 25 minutes – Shear M. Tea Tree Oil Face Mask

Day 2 – 30 minutes – Almond & Vitamin E Face Mask

Hydrates & Nourishes

with Almond Oil & Vitamin E

From bioBELLE

This mask feel very different from the Avocado, is so refreshing but it feels like is cooling too.  I did feel like something was working on my skin as I was wearing it..




Day 4 – Facial Mask Avocado & Collagen

Diminishes the appearance of Fine Lines

From bioBELLE

This mask feels so refreshing and cool, is very comfortable as the time just passed by I did some clothes and when I looked 25 minutes had passed by.



My overall observation was a bit noticeable on the breakout I had, by the third day that area felt so much smaller and the discoloration was a little lighter.  Usually when I breakout I get hyper-pigmentation which last for more than 7-9 months and it was so strange after a few days with the face mask I notice it was getting lighter.

On the Acne Scars I dont see much change in those areas.  Too bad the pictures are not showing in the best light so far I had no breakouts or crazy reactions to the mask.  I have notice after 7 days using different type of face mask my skin has been feeling a lot smoother.


Here is my overall impression of using face mask for 7 days straight.  Looking forward on sharing the upcoming weeks and hopefully the results are wonderful.  If you would like to find out more about this challenge and how you can still get started you can see the intro video here.