Here is the latest news brought by Boxycharm, expect changes in box value, subscription price, and new launch box. 


What are the Subscription options;

  • (Boxycharm Standard Subscription $21 to $25)  ($25 starting November 2019) 
  • (Boxycharm Boxyluxe Subscription $49.99) Subscription upgrade received quarterly 
  • (Boxycharm Premium Subscription $35) New (starting November 2019) 
    • (details picture below)



You choose

Now you can select 1 item in your box every month and for the Boxyluxe box, you can select from 1 up to 3 items.  If  you are subscribed to Boxycharm you can pick from 3 options (but this will be open for a limited time) The image below gives you an idea of the options available (shown on my account)

I also created a video sharing the new changes and what we can expect from the Boxycharm 2.0, I also answer a question of what we can expect if we want to continue upgrading to Boxyluxe. Watch video here


Below – September 2019 Boxyluxe Unboxing Post Here

You can add $28 to reach $50 and receive Boxyluxe. (this price will remain the same)

If you are new to Boxycharm and want to join, click on the referral link (here) and add code GETMYBECCA to receive a free item 


Giveaway details – 

You are invited to participate is very easy to enter. The more entries you make the more chances you have, the entries include Instagram, youtube and other social media support by you.  If you prefer other ways I also included watching a video which also gives you extra entries.

Giveaway Items 2 in total – 

  1. Morphe Palette – Second Nature 3502
  2. Kat Von D Everlasting Lipstick

Giveaway Starts – 9/13/19

Giveaway Ends – 10/4/19

I hope you are able to participate and celebrate these milestones with me.. Thank you so much for your support…

To begin this giveaway or to find out more you can do so by starting your entry here…



2019 Giveway