So excited to share 8 box reveal for the JULY  Boxycharm base & premium box.  

New to Boxycharm? Are you planning to subscribe?

If you are interested in getting this box, you can subscribe to Boxycharm (base box $25).  You can click here to do so and in the coupon code type, promo code to earn $5 off coupon to use for the Add-Ons store. 



We have so far 8 different variations in total for the July boxes which you will see 6 for the Base Box and 2 for the Premium Box,  With these variations shown the boxes look pretty nice so far but we just have to wait and see once we get our boxes. 

Base Box July 1st Box Reveal:

Base Box July 2nd Box Reveal:

Base Box July 3rd Box Reveal:

Base Box July 4th Box Reveal:

Base Box July 5th Box Reveal:


Base Box July 6th Box Reveal:




Premium Box July 1st Box Reveal:


Premium Box July 2nd Box Reveal:



What is the Cost of the Box?

  • Boxycharm has 3 subscription boxes, the Base box cost $25 a month
  • Boxycharm Premium cost is $35 a month, in order to join the waitlist you must be subscribed to the base box.  For the first month, after activation, you can cancel either Base or Premium anytime. Boxyluxe is an upgrade subscription you will receive 4 times in a year (Mar, June, Sep & Dec).  Boxyluxe total cost is $49.99, it will replace your Base box in Luxe months.


How do I subscribe to Boxycharm Box?

  • You can click here to join, select the subscription box you want to join.  In some cases, you might start by joining the waitlist. 


What is the shipping price?

  • The Shipping cost for the Boxycharm Boxes are FREE to the Contiguous U.S. only
  • Shipping outside of the contiguous US costs $8 for Luxe and $5 for Luxe Starter