Envelope system was the perfect tool for getting my debt paid off.  We were more than $31,000 in debt and depended on just one income, starting the Dave Ramsey method surely helped us get started back in 2012. 

Our cash envelope system has changed a bit, we don’t use it on all of the items we did previous years but on many further goals.  For example, we prepared envelopes for vacation, shopping, gifts, pets and so forth. 

See those items are more luxury or things we wouldn’t focus on once we were so tight on our budget. 

But looking back adding a few dollars per week or month to those envelopes surely helped when shopping during the holidays, when invited to a birthday party or when planning a vacation trip.

As you can see the cash envelope system not only is helpful when setting a budget to pay off your debt or to reach financial freedom but is one we still use today. 

If you are looking for a digital PDF form you can purchase your own cash envelope here. 

Things to Know:

  • You will get the digital cash envelope to print at home
  • The cash envelope has dotted lines to guide you for easy folding
  • The front part of the envelope Categories available are
    • Groceries
    • Dining Out
    • Gasoline
    • Entertainment
    • Emergency
    • Vacation
    • Allowance
    • Gifts
    • Category: (left in blank) you can fill in
    • Default (no background) you can print on desire paper
  • Once payment is received, download the file, save the file in your computer and print as many time you desire
  • A blank option is provided, to print on color or design paper
  • Back of the envelope includes an area to keep track of your cash flow. 
  • Printable on Landscape option (inside money fits perfectly)
  • You will also receive 3 pages of Cash Envelope Planner to help you keep track of each envelope transactions


Regular Price $3.00 –  Special for $1.25

Which includes (Letter Size)

  • 10 Cash Envelope Template (digital) PDF
  • 3 Cash Envelope Planner (digital) PDF


You can buy a printable version that includes 10 cash envelope template (print on letter size, cut the outside and fold the dotted line)

Before making your purchase read thoroughly for assurance of the product you are accepting to buy