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I went yesterday again to Home Depot to get 2 more tiles since I want to complete a set of 6 coasters with the same decoration idea as I did a few days ago.  While I was in Home Depot I chose to take a picture of the tiles selection we used for the project above.   As you can see they only had a few tiles left but luckily I was able to get 2 more.



How to make your own coasters at a very cost effective price.

  • Bought 6 tiles from Home Depot @ $.16 each = $0.96 (less than a $1.00 for all 6)
  • Fabric had plenty left when upholster dining room seat
  • Mod Podge had plenty still (but I love to buy it using a 50% off coupon) (Joann has it starting at $6.99 if you use a 50% coupon it comes out to $3.50)
  • Basic Felt 9×12 (one was enough) @ $.79
  • Bling Mesh had plenty left from cake decorating project (but you can get this from Joann as well starting at $5.99 but use a 50% coupon at it will last for more projects to come. you can try Design It:® SimpleStyle® Diamond Wrap 4.25 inch) (After coupon $3.00)

So far since I had most items, this project came to a total of less than $2.00 which is a huge bargain. Lets be honest with some projects we make we usually stay with some extra materials.  for example, fabric, burlap, felt or even cute borders. So why not use those extra items and make your own custom coasters.

In addition if you have some coasters at home you can spruce them up by making them unique and cohesive to your home decor.  As you can see creating a few items at home can make your house a home with little details like I shown you above.

Here you can see tutorial on how I made my own bling fabric coaster



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