For a few post now I was letting you know that the Concussion movie was available for you to watch for FREE at most cities and the showing was last night.  We also got our tickets and luckily we arrived at our usual time because there were some people that didn’t get to see it since the theater was full and there werent any seats available.


Well about the movie what can I say, I love Will Smith in general but I was also impressed on his performance as Dr. Bennet Omalu, as the movie began I was taken back to hear Will Smith had an accent I wasn’t expecting that at all.  I also love when he plays “based on a true story” movies because in my opinion he fully commits to the character making the movie more believable. The character played on this movie was Dr. Bennet Omalu which is portrayed as a man who loves to learn and study and because of it he has earned many degrees but as for his fun life he didn’t enjoy was most American are known for based on entertainment which is watch TV, have fun, have friends, watch football and know the game.

If you don’t know what this movie is about well it is a very interesting movie which starts following the journey of a doctor which is played by Will Smith.  Dr. Bennet Omalu a pathologist who discovers something interesting while doing an autopsy on a famous football player who dies in an unusual way. Right away it creates a challenge for the doctor to search what was his patients real condition.  Through the journey he uncovers the truth, the reason why some football players suffer from brain damage because of repeated concussions throughout the period of football practice and games.

The movie goes back to 2002 so the events shown are pretty current, I don’t like to spoil the movie at all but I’m guessing it will create controversy since many Football Fans will not be happy how the NFL science / medical field department is portrayed. In my opinion we can easily put our passion and love for the game but we should never forget that nothing in life is perfect and in every situation there will be some flaws or drawbacks.   That is what makes us human, situations like that keeps us grounded and it helps us grow as people and as a community.  From all this we can learn, grow or simply try to brush things off like it never happen and that is one of the quotes from the movie that I really like that history will repeat itself.  If we chose to do nothing then history will repeat itself because sooner or later that similar situation will happen again or if we chose to face it we can learn from it and move on.

I hope this movie can be an inspiration to all that watch it and that it can also help us connect more as people and as a community that we don’t become cold hearten people only thinking about our image and forget that each live should be as valuable as the next.