Couponing helped me get out of debt 

Why do you coupon?
Is it to get things free? The excitement of it. To try new items for less. To try couponing. Is it a hobby? Is it to save. Is it to cut back on expenses or for a nice stockpile?
Whatever the reason may be one thing is for sure, cutting coupons and chasing deals surely help cut back on expenses.
My story began when I took over the finances and checked our expenses I quickly realized we needed to go on a budget. We were in so much debt that I couldn’t figure out how that happened. But at this point that didn’t matter what I needed to do was find a solution to being debt free.
After researching I found so many helpful tips from Dave Ramsey financial peace course. Just the thought of being financially free was the path that I really wanted to be on.
I recall back in 2012 preparing my spreadsheet placing all of my expenses and seeing my new budget was frightening.
After gathering our bank records which helped us track where our money was going to we realized groceries – toiletries was a big expense.
Right then we started to do our research on how to coupon at places like Publix, CVS, and Walgreens. We started getting a few items to see if this really works and I was instantly hooked once I saw how much we saved.
During the beginning of the following year, I kept track of all of my groceries receipts and I was amazed how much we saved in a year. Not only we saved over $12k in groceries but we had about 4 racks in a stockpile.
Shopping using coupons surely helped us save money which we would use to pay some of our debt. It is strange how a hard moment in our lives became a blessing. By starting Dave Ramsey baby steps it open doors for us to coupon and years later it open many other opportunities.
Do you need to coupon to get out of debt?
Not at all, in fact, the method Dave Ramsey shares are very simple yet a bit strange. besides that, they are the best ones I have ever used that works.
We learned to coupon since we notice groceries was a high expense and in order for us to make that work we knew couponing could be the best way for our family. We weren’t sure at the time if couponing would work since we had no experience with it, but we were determined.
Do you need Dave Ramsey program? 
To be honest back in 2012 when we started our journey to get out of debt we couldn’t afford the course, I read so many great tips some experiences some even share all of the steps, how they did it and how they did it step by step. I gather all of that information and started to do each baby step on my own.
Dave Ramsey has a new course that is more affordable, it includes the same baby steps are updated and it talks about his app which is free. I didn’t need to purchase the course but I did spend a lot of time reading about it.  Once I finished with paying off my debt, we kind of stopped there, dismissing the other steps.
Having the course and hearing why each baby step is crucial to living a better life or having financial peace is needed to get there.  I do recommend getting the program, I’m not affiliated in any form but I speak from experience.  We tried many ways to get out of debt or to simply reaching financial freedom but we seemed to go in circles instead.
Trying the program from what we had read it helped us reached that goal quicker than we ever expected.  Now we are continuing with the baby steps which inspired me to share my experience so you can too feel Financial Peace.
Other ways to get out of debt 
Couponing was a big part in how we were able to save and cut back on this expense. In fact, we had more to show for, while paying almost nothing.
But that alone wouldn’t be enough to cut back on other expenses since we wanted to use the money we are saving to apply it to our debt. Once we tackle and learn about couponing we then started to cut back on other ways possible.
I shared a more detailed list to help you cut back on other areas as well, this list helped us reach our goal a lot quicker. (click here for the list)