Simple but cute diy on how to spruce up your kitchen Pendant Lights with a little bling.

christmas kitchen lights

Is very simple all you need is

  • Long Roll Mesh
  • Bling Mesh
  • Ribbon to tie each end
  • Flower of your choice
  • hot glue & scissors

Measure the length of your Pendant Light Pole but leave a little room,  Then as you can see in the picture roll out the mesh until you reach the amount you measure, do the same with the bling mesh.

Once you have the measurement cut the mesh into 3 (I divided mines into 3 since we have 3 pendants but you can cut this into 2 or even 4) Once you cut your mesh you can now cut the bling mesh (I cut a row of 4 for each pendant).

Now is ready to be glued, glue the bling on top of the mesh but be careful that it doesnt glue your rug as well jejej..

Tie with a ribbon the top of the mesh once the glue has dried.  I only tie one side because I wanted to make sure the length was accurate.  So now I tie the extra to the top of the Pendant, if the size is accurate you can now tie the bottom as well.

Once each pendant is tide to top and bottom then you can hot glue or tie your flower.