Do They Work ?! | Garnier Micellar Eye makeup Remover Pads | How you can save 

If you are like me, you are in the store quickly glance at a new item, you then look at the price and wonder do they work?  Is exactly what I wonder when I was caught by surprised with this new item..

Do they work?, is this item worth the price? Well the item I want to share is the new Garnier Micellar Eye Makeup Remover Pads. Didnt know anything about them until my recent trip at the drugstore. 

As I was shopping to get 2 items from Garnier I found this container that had a huge tag saying new. It surely caught my eye and right away I looked at the price, it said $8.99 and I wonder is this worth it but the container seem so small.  Once I grabbed it I saw the potential this product has.  It comes in a cute container which can be perfect for on the go or traveling, to my surprise it comes with 100 pads which is pretty good, but one thing that I like is the pads are infused with Micellar Water. To be more specific I will share product information provided by Garnier site,in case this is something you might consider getting. 

  • The 1st Garnier micellar-infused cotton pads, tailored for eye makeup removal. Ultra-gentle formula with aloe. This micellar infused cotton pads are gentle, precise & convenient for eye makeup removal. Instantly removes eye makeup without rinsing. IN 1 EASY STEP: Removes eye makeup & soothes, no greasy residue. Perfect on-the-go eye makeup removal. Garnier Micellar eye makeup remover cotton pads are ophthalmologist and Dermatologist Tested for Safety.They are suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. Formulated with Micellar water & aloe the eye makeup remover pads are fragrance free. No mineral oil.

I am not a fan of makeup wipes. I have tried many brands but at the end they are a bit harsh on my sensitive skin. Since I also have problems with adult acne it is key for me to have a great skin care routine. The products I am using now work great and I don’t want to include a new wipe that can dry out my skin. At the moment I don’t have to double cleanse even when wearing makeup but I do notice that I take longer or clean for a second time my eye area. 
That area is harder sometimes to remove makeup but at the same time I have to be gentle. Applying more product to clean my eyes sometimes leaves me feeling like they sting a little. Once I read what this product offers I was determined on getting it and trying it out. I was impressed using one pad for both eyes it removed my makeup with no problem at all, in fact I used a new pad to go over the eyes to see if there was any makeup left behind and it came out clean.  After trying this product with intense makeup, eyeliner and mascara I could see myself using it a lot more.  I love how quick it is for me to remove my eye makeup and after I clean my face with my normal skincare routine. 

You can check out my video with 2 different demonstration using the pads, here