My first impression on a very affordable foundation (to be exact almost for $6 is the price you can find it for).  The cost of this foundation is a lot less than any concealer I have purchased so far, thinking about that made me skeptical if this foundation would be ok for my skin.

Since there has been a few good deals for Wet N Wild Cosmetic products, I decided to purchase a few items and try out a very affordable foundation since it does focus on avoiding any flashbacks.

A few months ago during the holidays I was looking for an affordable foundation I could take with me on a cruise, this foundation I needed for night time or dark places I might take pictures and wanted to avoid any flashbacks.. (meaning didnt want to have that unnatural makeup look).

On my video I shared my first impression not only using the Wet N Wild Foundation but also I tried many other items which are shown on the picture below.  It is a challenge to try out a few products on my skin since it is sensitive, normally most products does have me break out or i would get a negative reaction on my skin and trying out a product this affordable or cheap made me hesitate if I would try it..

You can see a side by side a before and after picture, which shows my skin is very uneven, with some redness area and some acne scars/aged spots.  It is a great thing when you can find a foundation that could target those areas but not affecting your wallet..


This truly is a great foundation it is long wear and wonderful for any pictures you might take and need the flash.  This foundation wouldve been perfect for my cruise since many pictures were taken at night or dark places.  If you are looking for an affordable, medium coverage, lightweight foundation that also works well when taking nighttime pictures this is your foundation.


You can also see the video as I apply the foundation and concealer from Wet N Wild Photofocus line.  I hope you enjoy my first impression on the video provided below and would truly appreciate you for watching.