Recently I was able to find a nice linky party group, I notice on this group many things that I like or can relate to was exactly what each blogger shared as well. On this party everyone comes together sharing one specific topic, that topic is 5 things that made there week, in other words is a sum up of those great news moments or things that stood out each day.

Well, this is why I’m sharing for the first time a post about the top things that were the highlight for this week. Just looking back which were the highlights on each day you realized so much has happened and yet it was just in a few days. That being said is scary to see how each day is flying by so this is perfect to take time look back and appreciate each day and remember those highlights.

Here is my highlights on each day this week of August 14th till the 18th;

Monday August 14th – It was such a cute day, my cousins son turned 5 and even though is a Monday we went out to celebrate his birthday. He chose to eat at Chilis, I am just amazed at the age of 5 he knew exactly where he wanted to eat.

Tuesday August 15th – Face Mask 30 day Challenge, Well I joined a challenge to try on Face Mask all for 30 days, Today I reached half way to my challenge which is great to see how that works on my sensitive skin.

Wednesday August 16th -A few months ago I subscribed to BoxyCharm and so far I’m happy with the beauty items I have received all for $21 and the items usually retail over $100. Well, today late in the afternoon I received my box and will be uploading my unboxing video.

Thursday August 17th – We are going away on a quick trip next month, as that comes about we are planning some travel reservations. Our oldest son is in the Army (away in South Korea) we havent been able to book most of our trips with him. Since he was transfer to the U.S. almost 3 months ago we were able to include him on this upcoming trip and today we booked his airfare.

Friday August 18th -I’m excited to share my first post and link up on my top high five. Is truly a nice concept and love to be a part of such a nice group. Clearly I’m new blogger and dont know anyone yet but once I discovered this link I knew this is something I want to be a part of..