Since April of 2011, we have been able to save over $40 for every movie we have seen.  It doesn’t seem like a lot but if you see 1 – 2 movies a month that can easily add up to $960 in a year without including snacks, drinks, and meals sold at your local movie theater concession stand.


When we first started going to the movies every time we got in we were very surprised that this can be actually true.  How can we get simple tickets to see a movie for free and before the movie is released?

I shared a quick video How we see movies for free which you can watch here

Well, this week was no exception, we got tickets to see Angels has Fallen that is expected to be released on August 24th.

We try to be very careful with the movies we go out and see but so far the movies we have selected to see over the years haven’t disappointed us at all and as a bonus, we get to see it for free and before the movie is released.

You are probably wondering how can you participate in this opportunity as well, well is very simple and I’m here to share how:

First create an account for 2 adults

  • For every notice or email, you might receive as an invite to see a movie that is about to be released, you need to have 2 adult accounts (this apply if you have a family of 4) (each ticket you get is for 2 people)

Second be quick to see email notifications

  • In some occasions, you might receive email notifications letting you know there is a movie near you, at this point you should be able to log in and reserve your ticket ( you don’t have to print it right away) but at least you reserved a printable ticket for that particular movie.

Third Print your ticket

  • Before going to the movie theater on the day, location and time that is mentioned on the ticket you need to make sure a printable ticket is with you (no tickets viewed on the phone would be accepted).  The ticket can be printed either black and white or in color (that is your preference)

Fourth Arrive early

  • Even though you have a ticket for you and your family you must arrive at least 1 to 1 1/2 hour before the movie starts (there is no reserved seating because is based on first come first served basis) If the movie is a big movie ex. The Avengers, Fast Five, Spider-Man just to name a few make sure you arrive 1 1/2 – 2 hours before if you can

Fifth Once inside

  • Once you made inside the theater you can enjoy any items from the concession stand or simply wait in your seat.  Most of the times cellphones are not allowed or they can’t be on a little before the movie is about to start if you get caught – you will get kicked out of the theater.

Once the movie is over they want to hear your comment of the movie, you can simply say it was a good movie, you enjoyed it, it exceeded your expectations or simply say you were disappointed (is up to you how much you want to share and say)

This may seem very complicated but I can tell you is not so hard at all (we make these our family night, we enjoy items from the concession stand and we also catch up on our conversations while we are inline).

Here are a few movies since we started we have seen or received tickets to see for free are the following movies:


  1. Risen
  2. Kung Fu Panda 3
  3. Ride Along 2
  4. Spy
  5. Dope
  6. Pitch Perfect 2
  7. Mad Max
  8. Me and Earl and the Dying Girl
  9. San Andreas
  10. A Little Chaos
  11. Entourage
  12. Trainwreck
  13. Magic Mike XXL
  14. Ted 2

The year of 2016 we were able to see about 30 movies without paying a dime for each of our tickets, in addition, the movies we saw was at the movie theater but it was shown before the actual movie got released.  We could’ve double that number since we did get the tickets but for some reason, we just didn’t go to watch certain movies.

30 movies @ 10.99 = $329.70 per person

5 people watching @ 329.70 = $1648.50

we normally have a total of 4 or 5 people watching the movies mentioned below.

  1. Ride Along 2
  2. Dirty Grandpa
  3. Kung Fu Panda 3
  4. Zootopia 3D
  5. Risen
  6. The Divergent Series: Allegiant
  7. Mothers Day
  8. Criminal
  9. Keanu
  10. The Angry Birds Movie 3D
  11. The Nice Guys
  12. Now You See Me 2
  13. Central Intelligence
  14. Ghostbusters
  15. Ice Age: Collision Course 3D
  16. Hands of Stone
  17. The Secret Life of Pets
  18. Hell or High Water
  19. Storks 3D
  20. The Accountant
  21. Kevin Hart: What Now?
  22. Jack Reacher, Never Go Back
  23. Space Between Us
  24. Doctor Strange
  25. Trolls 3D
  26. Moana
  27. Office Christmas Party
  28. Collateral Beauty
  29. Sing
  30. Why Him?

So what do you need to do to get free tickets, is very simple just sign up and soon you would be receiving emails for upcoming movies.  If you would like to know more depending on the area, state you live in please feel free to contact me.


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