How exciting,  we have a few boxes revealed for most of the Jeffree Star Mystery Spring Box 

We are starting to see some accounts receiving their tracking number, while a few ready got their boxes. 

I order the Supreme and Deluxe box since Extreme was gone in just a few minutes, in fact, my order says it was placed at 10:03 am. It shows how quickly that was sold out. 

So far I haven’t received any tracking number but in the meantime, I want to share Jeffree Star Spring Mystery Box 2021 the Premium (Blue & Green Box) and Deluxe spoilers

Premium Spoilers – Variations (only for the Blue box) 

  • First Tier Premium – Price $70 (RV $148) (it comes with 6 items –  2 are exclusive )
  • for the Premium box, the only variation on these 3 boxes is the shades for the Lip Gloss and Lipstick.  This tier includes 2 exclusive items which are the Popsocket and Tie Dye Cap. 
  • I am not sure what is the cost for the exclusive items in the calculation shown below please know the prices are not accurate. 

Premium 420 Spoilers – Variations (only for the Green box) 


Deluxe Spoilers – Variations (Canary Yellow Box) 


What is the Cost of the Box?

  • First Tier Premium – Price $70 (RV $148) (it comes with 6 items & exclusive item)
  • Second Tier Premium 420 – Price $70 (RV $148) (it comes with 6 items)
    • (Mini won’t be included in this edition but you will find 2 different Premium Boxes, the Blue Box is all Jeffree Star Cosmetics while the other box is JSC 420 friendly) 
  • Third Tier Canary Deluxe – Price $100 (RV $229) (it comes with 9 items) (2 exclusive items)
    • (For the Deluxe box you must include your size options are small up to 3x Large)
  • Fourth Tier Lavendar Supreme – Price $160 (it comes with 13 items)
    • (2 exclusive items 1 is makeup related) (For the Supreme box you must include your size options are small up to 3x Large)
  • Fifth Tier Extreme – Price $300 (RV $690) For this Tier you can get an extreme discount which will include all 3 boxes 
    • (Extreme discount you will get Premium (Blue), Deluxe & Supreme)



When will the Mystery Box be available?

  • The Mystery Boxes will be available on Friday, April 2nd @10am PST or @1pm EST


What is the shipping price?

  • The Shipping cost for the Mystery Box has not been revealed yet but it might be an extra amount.  Previously we have seen the Mystery boxes shipping have been included with the price. 
  • Shipping is FREE on $125 purchases or more