What a task we have taken on!  We decided to spruce up our kitchen just a little bit and of course on a simple budget.  I dont know about you but it feels good when you make your space more homey and inviting.  Is not hard to make a few changes on a budget and still make a room feel like you spent a lot more.

I like to work with the items and furniture that I have, I think you shouldn’t get rid of an item/furniture that once you loved and because it looks different or dated you feel is time to throw it away.  Today, I will share how with just some paint, some time and dedication you can get motivated to spruce up that area you have been wanting to change for some time.  Before, I make any changes specially if it will cost more than expected I discuss it with my family, let them know ahead of time of an idea that I have and I ask for there opinion, once we agree then we set up a date on when to get started.

So lets Begin:kitchen remodel

Day 1 & 2

We started to remove each door and hinge, on each door that was removed we would code it with a letter in order as they are removed.

Day 1

  • Remove Door & Hinge (only did one section)
  • Empty Cabinets
  • Sanded doors that were removed
  • Paint Cabinet with one coat
  • Paint Frame

kitchen remodel1

Day 2

  • Paint Cabinets with extra coat (as needed)
  • Paint Frame with extra coat (as needed)
  • Remove Door & Hinge (only did one section)
  • Sanded doors that were removed

kitchen remodel2

Here we were Painting and giving our final coat around the frame, in the mean time my husband was adding the door handles using a template.  We bought our template on Lowes, (our template was Liberty Silver Cabinet Mounting Template) it made the process so much easier and the template cost less than $5.00.