This movie we were able to see a few days ago, it was extremely funny and many scenes were pretty original to me.  There is still a chance for you to see it for FREE click here to do so..

Well, I would like to share my observation and thoughts as I watched this movie, I wouldnt like to spoil or share anything that my jeopardize you watching or enjoying this movie.

The minute this movie starts, which I wasnt even comfortable yet (it happen faster then other times) well let me explain when you watch a movie for free and before is released in the movie theaters, you dont see any previews of other upcoming movies and the movie is played usually at 7:30pm (or the time stated on your movie passes). As soon as you see James Franco the language starts and is like none stop.  Just be prepared since this movie is Rated R so expect crazy language (as soon as it starts) and strong humor. If you are prepared mentally to expect this is that type of movie and you are open to watch it then you will enjoy it and will notice is not your usual party/teenager/college student movie.


As soon as the movie played out, you can enjoy the cast chemistry, it felt so inviting which I applaud how well each actor projected modern/traditional personalities.  You can sense a wonderful family meeting a young succesful man who is very sincere, funny, liberated but struggles on how his message is deliver as to trying to please or fit in with his girlfriends father.  In the process he gets help/advice from his best friend/assistant which is played by Keegan-Michael which I love as well how he played his role.

I was laughing consistently during this movie, which says a lot for a person who sees at least 1 movie a week. I get bored easily or I should say if I seen something that was funny in another movie then dont expect me to find it as funny or original but somehow on this movie I felt it was very different in a good way.

I felt what made this movie funny was how well each character played there role which we will see many good comedians on this movie.  When you think of each individual comedian/actor they all shine on since they have good qualities (meaning they are funny but on there own quirky way) but putting each together to shine on how funny they are by giving them a new fresh personality made it extra special and unique.  I was concern as to James Franco holding a movie by being one of the lead role but wow I came out impress and having a better image of him as an actor.  I came out appreciating how open, sincere, business savy young men can bring so much joy and fresh outlook of life without the need of being crazy drunk, drugs and girls which is what you normally see on this type of movie.. Overall, I loved and enjoyed this movie I feel it was a cute wonderful movie which is a must see…