My skin care journey hasnt been an easy one, in fact as I got older adult acne become a very big issue for me (at the end I share how my skin looked like back in 2014) by then my struggles has been over 10 years.  Finding products that are effective has been a huge journey for me I have tried products recommended on TV as to following a list of prescribed products by my Dermatologist..

If you are like me trying countless of products, giving it a fair shot to each and saw no results and no improvement is why I am writing this article.  Every condition you are facing deserves a special product that will treat that one thing, when I started taking this approach I notice improvement in my skin which helps me enjoy my skin care routine.  I can go in depth of my current products I am using that I love how my skin looks, of course the hyperpigmentation is not completely gone but I am happy with the improvements overall.  One product I notice that helped target my acne scars and dark spots is the Neutrogena Microdermabrasion System.

I was skeptical at first but reading how microdermabrasion can attack those areas Im concerned about is what made me try a very affordable approach.  The Neutrogena Microdermabrasion System, I feel is like a hidden gem ( a must have or at least try).  My skin is so sensitive that many products can easily irritate or cause my skin to breakout but that wasnt the case at all since I have been using Neutrogena Microdermabrasion System.  So far I am impress with the changes I notice in my skin from great results, smoother skin, more even tone and less visible acne scars.

When I first started to use this product I was impressed with the results on just a few uses, to show you my progress when I first started to use it which is why I love using this product.

How to Use:

This product is so easy to use in fact I enjoy it in the shower.  The system comes with batteries and pads so is convenient to use once you buy it.  The instructions are very easy to follow but here are a few tips on what has worked for me.   I have used this product a total of 5 times since November 15th up to December 31st during those times I used 2 of the pads 2 times each while the other 3 pads were used only 1 time. At first is key to make sure your skin is wet, moist and add water to the pad as well you want to make sure both areas are prepared once the system is on.  You can control the settings it offers 2, I started out with the more gentle one at first since my skin is very sensitive but by the second time I changed it to the higher setting.  I allow about 1 minute on each side of the face concentrating more on the problem areas.  I dont press in or press hard to the skin I allow the machine to glide softly on my skin.  After every use I rinse my face, pat dry and apply coconut oil. If I’m wearing make up right after using the Neutrogena Microdermabrasion System then I change the coconut oil and apply my moisturizer. Mamonde – Calming Hydro Sleeping Mask is another product I introduced after using the system is a cooling night kind of mask, wow this product is so light and refreshing to the skin, I also enjoy that it helps with redness so my skin feels so much smoother and softer before going to bed. In the morning my skin feels so soft and even adding just water it feels nice to the touch.  

Mamonde – Calming Hydro Sleeping Mask 

Details – Redefine how you beauty sleep! The cool water gel texture of this night mask instantly replenishes skin with moisture for a vitalized complexion. The calming formula of Mamonde’s Calming Hydro Sleeping Mask melts onto skin, working while you sleep so you waken to a well-hydrated, comforted and glowing complexion. Calendula is a soothing herb known for generations to comfort skin.

Through years of loving research, Mamonde has discovered and captured the vital secrets of flowers and herbs. Suitable for all skin types. Recommended for sensitive skin.

My Journey with Neutrogena Microdermabrasion System:

I would like to share pictures taken since I started using the Neutrogena Microdermabrasion System, you will be able to see how in just 5 uses and about a month and a half there is visible changes (improvements in my skin).

Pictures from 1/4/2017 


Pictures from 12/16/16


Pictures from 11/30/16


Pictures from 8/13/14



Neutrogena Microdermabrasion 1st time Review